No.3 ―勇気― 何か新しいことをする

【質問】 「私にとって、新しいことに挑戦をするのは難しいことです。勇気を出して新しいことに入っていきたいのですが、でもたいていは難しいです。何かアドバイスをいただけますか?(東京、Y. W.)」
【答え】 最初のステップはまず、「これは私が本当にしたいことだろうか?」と自分の直観に尋ねてみることです。











– Essential Living-
Q&A No.2 Courage – Do something New

“It is difficult for me to take the challenge to do new things.
I want to find my courage to go into the new, but mostly it is difficult.
Can you give me any suggestion?”
Y. W. from Tokyo

The first step is to ask your own intuition first, “Is this something I really want to do?”
Sometimes the real courage is not to do something, especially when others pressure you or you are motivated by trying to please others, or fulfill their expectations.

Once you discover what is really in your own heart, usually you will already find the courage to follow it, because courage is an essential quality of your heart, which you will find already existing in you.

It is simply there when you have clarity about what is intuitively “right” for you.

If you find what your intuition feels is something you really want to do, and still are hesitating, then take a moment to remember other times when you intuitively “knew” what to do, and you simply moved forward, putting one foot in front of the other and step by step you followed your own inner wisdom of your heart.

Let your own vision guide you.
The memory of previous courage can inspire the feeling of courage again.
It may also help you to remember that if you make a mistake, you can correct it, and continue moving forward.

It is OK to make a mistake.

If possible, simply correct the mistake in a way that makes the situation better than if you had not even made the mistake in the beginning.

Sometimes a mistake can turn out better than no mistake.

Think of friends who love you and support you in living according to your own intuition, intelligence of your heart, and creativity.

Imagine them cheering for you as you move into your new adventure.
And if you need the courage to say, “No”, imagine your friends cheering for you because you are deepening your own self-respect and self-trust.